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Le Motherhood. A place for moms to find inspiration, useful advice, connection, tips, product reviews, recipes, meal plans, sales you don't want to miss, boss mom interviews, and everything in between. A place to find ourselves within motherhood, within each other. 

When my son Pryor made me a mother in May 2016, I knew shortly thereafter that motherhood was a deeply rooted passion of mine. Every single aspect of it became exciting and interesting. Everything from the benefits of breastfeeding, to natural health, to minimalistic toddler activities, to affordable maternity fashion. I also found myself extremely interested in meal prepping and cooking healthy, quick meals for my family. For more than a year of new momhood, I was simply surviving. I wasn't living my best life and I needed to figure out better methods for keeping my family stable, and fast! Work smarter not harder. Helping other moms live easier lives is everything to me. 

I also can't leave out nesting a home. DIY home projects and decorating have really become front runners since becoming a mom. A pretty, functional, calm, organized space is the only way we moms can mom without going completely insane. Am I right?! There is enough chaos within the walls of parenting alone that the home should be a happy, comfy, kid friendly space to parent from. These are all things I can't wait to share with you! 

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this far, for being here with me, for giving me a chance. I'm LITERALLY beaming with excitement to start sharing all of the amazing goodness I have planned! From one mother to another, and the sisterhood I like to call Le Motherhood, thank you. 


Xo heather

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