Hey yall! I'm Heather, a full time boy mom to 2 year old Pryor and 2 month old Monroe. Becoming a mother has been the biggest and absolute best change of my life-- I found myself within motherhood. But despite what instagram may tell you, we are a HOT MESS. There isn't much glamour to motherhood at all, at least not in our home. Coffee stays on repeat. Clothes are optional at this point and nobody's hair smells good. I do 10ish loads of laundry a week and when i'm not playing with wooden vehicles, foam swords, and bouncy balls, i'm standing in front of the stove cooking for 20 people getting rolled over by school buses. I usually cook large meals around 4x a week and find it so fulfilling, despite the effort. French, Italian, Cajun, Creole, Thai, Caribbean, I love to create anything. I also enjoy meal prepping and list making, so I'm really excited to start sharing weekly meal plans here!  If I can keep everyone happy, fed, and alive.... I've successfully done my job and my prize is a glass of wine.


I married the sweetest, most patient husband in the world (ask anyone) 4 years ago and after living in and around New Orleans for the first 3 years, we took a leap and purchased our dream home on the other side of the lake. It turns out that our house was relocated to the property by boat and turned 100 this year. We are surrounded by centuries old mossy Oak trees, rustic fields, and gorgeous lake views all day long. It has been a dream come true for all of us.


You can pretty much always hear Jazz music coming from the kitchen, sometimes classical because i'm 72 years old, but always something good. There will never be a shortage of organic Dark Chocolate in our house and you will more than likely smell dark roast coffee brewing or a cozy candle burning. With each passing year, more wine, less bourbon. I'm convinced that wine is critical to momming.


As far as parenting styles go, we are a solid blend of everything. We aren't much for strict routines or structured methods, and so far we are doing okay. If there is one thing i've learned for sure, it's that nothing is consistent when it comes to toddlers and babies and all children are different. There is no sch thing as one size fits all. Between all of the regressions and developmental leaps, we are just kind of hanging on for dear life and navigating the rough waters as gently as we can. 


When I have a free minute (HAHA) my main hobby of late is sewing. I'm absolutely horrible. The worst of all time. But for some unexplainable reason, i love it. I'm obsessed with all of the beautiful fabrics and colors, patterns, possibilities. Oh the possibilities! One day, when the cooking is done, the kitchen is cleaned, the laundry is finished, the emails are answered, i've showered at least once for the week, i'll sit down at my shiny new sewing machine and make something brilliant. ONE DAY :) Until then, i'll snuggle my babies into oblivion, drink a glass of chardonnay in solidarity, and watch netflix with my husband for 13 seconds before passing out in a puddle of my own drool. Tomorrow, we start all over again. The beauty of Le Motherhood. xo


Photography: 4 Corners Photo | www.4cornersphotography.com

*Photos before our new addition!*